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Washington Bible on CBS Sunday Morning

V:.W:. Piers Vaughan tells Mo Rocca about the St. John's Lodge Bible and its use in George Washington's inauguration. (3:52)

Enter the Secret on CBS Sunday Morning

Mo Rocca takes a further look at the Fraternity, featuring Masons in New York and the District of Columbia. (8:04)

Howie Damron in Concert

In 2008, a number of Shakespeareans travelled together to Virginia. One of things they enjoyed was a concert given by Master Mason Howie Damron, including the favorites, "The Masonic Ring" and "Hiram's Call." Many of the songs heard that night are in this concert recorded in 2012. (33:53)

Trailer from National Treasure

Disney's fanciful version of the Templar origin theory of Freemasonry provides the background to a spectacular film. (2:31)

Coaches Building Coaches

Dr. John S. Nagy discusses the nature of Masonic education and mentoring, using an examination of the word "hecatomb" as an illustrative example. (27:37)

The Freemasons: Mystery, Myth and Truth

In this edited clip from an otherwise good video, the author of Born in Blood explains some of his theory of the Craft's origins. (2:29)

The Stonecutters' Song

An extended version of the popular song from The Simpsons, poking fun at a certain fraternal organization. (1:17)​

Welcome to Freemasonry

The Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England addresses misconceptions. (2:51)

Our Symbolic Wages

W:. Shawn Eyer, editor of The Philalethes, discusses more deeply the symbolic nature of Corn, Wine, and Oil. (43:14)

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

Donald Duck enters into a strange and wonderful place, where his guide explains to him how the geometry of proportion informs the structure and beauty of the natural world. (15:00)

What is Freemasonry?​

"Benjamin Franklin" explains what it means to be a Freemason.  (5:09)

The Old Charges Revisited

Prof. Andrew Prescott of the University of Glasgow discusses the Old Charges and its relation to the origins of Freemasonry. (43:29)

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